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California is full of backyard swimming pools! Swimming pools are fun for the entire family and keep everyone cool during the hot summers. Swimming pools can be a relaxing place to hang out, not just on the weekends, but anytime. Swimming pools can also be a lot of work to keep clean and working correctly.

Scott founded Life’s A Beach Pool Service after spending 21 years in the customer service industry, wanted to open his own family business, and extend his experience to pool owners in this great community. He then took to action becoming certified to offer his services to the community. To date, he hasn’t found any difficulty attracting new business as the service plans offered by Life’s A Beach Pool Service make better sense for the pool owner and comes at fair, competitive pricing.

In writing company policy, Scott’s first thought was that his company operate in the customer’s best interest at all times. It’s important to us that every review be a 5-star review and that the best form of growth come from customer referrals. Life’s A Beach Pool Service is the area’s leader in swimming pool service, maintenance, and repair.

Did you know that unbalanced pool water can and will cause ugly colored stains on your pool floor and walls? Did you also know that it can greatly impact the lifespan of your motor, thus causing damage to your pool equipment and wallet?

There are, unfortunately, more than enough horror stories of pool-guys don’t show up for service, don’t maintain the equipment pool equipment properly, and are taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners, or doing far less than they had agreed to do just because the homeowner isn’t there to oversee their work. This is why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning that we aren’t finished until we’ve earned your 5 star review.

We’re proud to offer unique services like our Pool Service Memberships (3) that are unmatched by our competitors. But we’re more than just cleaning pools. Building honest and trusting relationships with our customers is our #1 priority. No, really. Just read some of our reviews!


Our goal at Life’s A Beach Pool Services is to provide the residents of the area with the most honest and reliable pool service. We have a goal here where the only phone calls we want to receive are the ones of praise or new business from your referrals. We pride ourselves in giving our customers peace of mind knowing that their swimming pool, which brings their family relaxation and fun, is in the best of care.


We’re a family run business and we intend to keep it that way. We know there are a lot of options out there for pool cleaning companies. One of the secrets in our industry is that there is value in a pool account to sell back to other pool companies. We promise that our customers are only our customers and we don’t sell our accounts, but keep them in-house and service all ourselves.


One of the biggest complaints we hear from people dissatisfied with their previous pool service is that there was a new pool tech practically each month and that their service days were always changing. Weather permitting, we’ll do our best to keep each customer on the same schedule, thus giving you peace of mind. You can also rest assured that your swimming pool is being serviced by licensed and insured, certified pool operator, not someone who just started cleaning pools last week.


Life’s A Beach Pool Services is an owner-operated company offering pool services, repairs, and maintenance in Plumas Lake CA, Olivehurst CA, Marysville CA, Yuba City CA, Woodland CA, Davis CA, Elk Grove CA, Roseville CA, Rocklin CA, Granite Bay CA, Wheatland CA, Lincoln CA, Folsom CA areas. If your area isn’t listed, please call and ask because we’re adding onto our service area all the time. That means our growth and reputation lies exclusively on your satisfaction! Our Pool Service covers the entire area without encompassing a trip charge as part of its service. With a broad customer base throughout the area, we can easily place most addresses into one of our service routes for your convenience.

If you’re in need of a repair or equipment installation, we will exceed our current service area to help by giving you the best repair or installation possible. Please call with your issue and location and let’s find a solution that helps.


Scott started his pool service company because after having multiple praises for the look of his own pool that he could do so much better than any other service, offer more, and perform more services at a competitive rate. Our satisfaction guarantee includes service, maintenance, repairs, and work on replacement parts and equipment. Although other services offer such a guarantee, Life’s A Beach will stand behind their work in an effort to do what’s in the customer’s best interest. Scott also believes that it is very important not to have to get to the point where the customer needs to refer to our Satisfaction Guarantee at all by doing the work right the first time. Alas, we’re all human and make mistakes and have bad days, but it’s our response to these times that makes Life’s A Beach Pool Service so special. This is where Life’s A Beach Pool Service’s Satisfaction Guarantee will come into play as we’ll make things right! When one call can do it all for our customers, we know that we are the “go-to” company in the area. Being the biggest pool service in the area is far from Scott’s plans, but being the very best is the ultimate plan from day one, and every day moving forward!

If you want to see more about our guarantees and warranties, go to the “Guarantees” seal on the side bar of this website to read about all of our guarantees.

When you need anything out of the scope of our initial work, just call Scott to find out how he can help you with any issues you may be having. We offer free estimates for all your pool and spa needs, as well as very competitive pricing. If you’re looking for quality maintenance, go to our “Service Plans” tab on our website or call Scott. If one of our “Service Plans” doesn’t quite fit all that you would need in a maintenance plan for your pool, Scott would be happy to design a personalized plan specifically for your needs. It’s very important as a pool service company to offer full-service options, but those options also need to care for your pool without cutting corners that could cause parts, mechanics, and harm to the looks of your pool and the function of your equipment.

Thus, our service options, from highest to lowest, will keep your pool safe, operational, and beautiful.


With our expert service weekly, you will receive:

  • Water balancing to insure safe swimming standards
  • Vacuuming of pool floor
  • Emptying debris from skimmer and pump baskets
  • Thorough skimming of the water surface
  • Thorough brushing of the entire pool floor, walls, and steps
  • Cleaning of filter (monthly)


Only Life’s A Beach Pool Service offers the following attention-to-detail benefits:

  • Stain prevention treatment. No more ugly colored stains throughout your pool!
  • Metal remover treatment. We remove stain-causing copper, iron, manganese and other metals from your pool.
  • Water clarifying enzyme treatment. Visible results after just one treatment. Your pool guaranteed to sparkle like a new diamond!
  • Discounted Tile Cleaning.
  • Priority repairs. Broken motor? Need a new filter? Vacuum isn’t working? No problem as Crystal Clear Maintenance Club Members get priority service dates.
  • 95% of repairs are completed within 24 hours for Premium Club Members.
  • 10% off new products and equipment.
  • 10% off total repair job.

As most homeowners find out eventually, owning a swimming pool comes with a lot of responsibility including keeping the water clean and clear, free of algae and other bacteria, properly maintaining the mechanical portion of the pool, as well as deal with the inevitable cost of repair and headaches.

The homeowner has two options. Some opt to take care of the pool themselves, saving a little bit of money each month that would normally go to a pool cleaning service. The other option is to hire out a pool service professional who typically shows up each week to clean the pool as well as inspect for any potential damage.

Chances are, the swimming pool is the most expensive maintenance item in your home. It’s strongly urged that new pool owners and those with busy schedules contract their pool care to a competent pool service company.

Here, below, are the three most important reasons to do so.

1. Proper Chemical Balance

Looks can be deceiving. A popular misconception is that all one needs to do to keep a pool clear is simply add chlorine. While chlorine is the sanitizer that keeps your pool free of bacteria, safe swimming pools require a proper pH between 7.2 – 7.6. This requires the addition of muriatic acid (to lower the pH when needed) or sodium bicarbonate (to increase the pH when needed). On top of monitoring pH, proper chemical balance includes adjusting calcium levels, cyanuric acid, as well as alkalinity.

2. Save Time

Taking care of a pool doesn’t require a lot of effort as much as it does time. Pools require basic maintenance no longer than 7 days apart. That is vacuuming debris from the bottom, skimming debris from the surface of the water, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, cleaning the filter, brushing the walls, and balancing chemicals. For pool service professionals it should be second nature to perform all of this each week in an efficient manner. For the home-owner who has work, kids, and life to attend to, doing the above every week becomes a tedious chore and is easily skipped from time to time until the pool becomes unmanageable. This is the time the homeowner normally calls for help from the professional pool service company and has to pay a lot more to get the pool back into order while paying a lot more to do so than if the owner had just paid a pool service to maintain the pool on a weekly service plan to begin with.

3. Small Problems Are Better Than Big Problems

Pool repair can be very costly. A leaking pool can cost over $300 just to find the leak plus additional repair costs. Motor and pump repair are can also range in hundreds of dollars in repair costs. A lot of times, however, these issues can be mitigated by early detection to issues. A professional who tends to your pool each week will be attentive to these issues. A worn out O-ring in the pump lid that is causing the pump to draw in air, eventually burning out the motor will result in about $400 repair to the homeowner. The root cause, however, was simply a new O-ring which costs about $14.

A lot of people underestimate the amount of work and responsibility that goes into a healthy pool. If the homeowner doesn’t take the necessary 30 minutes or more each week to do so (not taking into account the time and money in the hauling of chemicals back and forth from pool supply stores), can have problems build up quickly until they become much more costly.

If you’re a new pool owner, call your local pool service providers and ask for a list of referrals, as well as an overview of their service plans and pricing. By taking time to do your due diligence when looking to hire the right pool cleaning service, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, headaches, and even money in the long run. This should lead you to making the decision that is in your best interest by hiring Life’s A Beach Pool Service.

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