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Life’s A Beach Pool Service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all work performed. We call it our “Crystal Clear” guarantee because we want our clientele to understand what our guarantee is and clearly so.

Our Crystal Clear, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee states that our job is not finished until you, our client, are satisfied to the point that we’ve earned your 5 star review.

Life’s A Beach also guarantees that if you have us replace your 1 HP or above inertia drive motor with a new variable-speed motor that you’ll save at least $1,000 in energy over a three-year period. We’ll personally back this up by warranting the motor for the third year ourselves at no additional cost.

DISCLAIMER:  If the homeowner does not do their respective part in maintaining the debris in the pool, not keeping chlorine tabs in the pool, the guarantee will not be honored. Depending upon the service plan selected, the homeowner will have particular duties that must be maintained in conjunction with Life’s A Beach scope of work.


If for any reason you feel we didn’t complete our project or maintenance for you successfully, please call Scott to discuss at (530) 770-1326.

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